A little bit about LoveData

When your data is the most valuable asset you have, you need to know that the system managing it is secure, reliable and scalable. This is where we come in!

LoveData will build and manage your database system from the ground up to assist you to collect and manage the data you need within your organisation.

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Intuitive Database Solutions

Whether you rely on research data, manage a clinical trial, store photos, videos, technical drawings or report on critical business data, the systems we build are designed around you.

We understand that every organisation is unique and that you will have your own specific requirements. We work with our clients on a bespoke basis - you won't receive an 'off the shelf' solution from LoveData, instead we'll deliver an intuitive database solution that meets your needs perfectly.

The LoveData Approach

Our approach is different from most as we combine project management, consultancy and development in one seamless process. Working backwards, we look first at the end product, understanding exactly what it is you want to get out of your data, taking this information and ensuring the database we create achieves this goal in the most efficient route.

Following approval of our detailed specification, the design process begins, accompanied by regular discussion with you in plain language you can easily understand. The next stage is the database delivery and user training so you can understand how to get the most from the system. Finally and perhaps most importantly, we provide full support over the long term, giving you the confidence that we are only a phone call away for any on-going help you may need.

Our Services Tailored to Your Needs

For clients who have no time (or desire!) to understand the workings of their system, we provide a full design, build and maintenance service. However, for those who need to be able to change or expand their system themselves we can integrate full training and support in to the package to provide the necessary skills.

Whichever you choose, we never lock you in to using us, we always supply our systems with full administrator access and documentation.

Part of the FileMaker Business Alliance

Many clients come to us needing help with their FileMaker database software, which is why we’re part of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

As experienced FileMaker database developers, LoveData can help you get the most from your FileMaker software. Whether you're building it yourself and just need some training, or if you're looking for a developer to build it to suit your specific business needs, we can help.